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Day 1
19 Mar 2019
Day 2
20 Mar 2019
Day 3
21 Mar 2019
Day 4
22 Mar 2019

Mission (Im)Possible: One Map+Thousand Connected Schools of Social of Work Around the World. (Canada)

The Schools of Social Work Around the World Asset Map is an innovative way to connect social workers, social work educators, current and future social work students, and everyone who...
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Oleksandr Kondrashov

How to Benefit from Social Media as a Social Worker (Netherlands)

Social media give lots of benefits for social workers. Never before has it been easy to engage and elevate your voice as an active online professional. Discover which goals you...
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Hans Versteegh

Knowing When and How to Step Away! (United Kingdom)

Social Workers are burnt out, stressed and they often have no work-life balance, so they leave the profession. Well, this session will share how you can have the best of...
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Nicole Louis

Social Workers in Primary Health – What Impacts Could We Have? (New Zealand)

In New Zealand, most Health / Medical social workers are employed by hospital boards and work within the hospital, with inpatients. This is a presentation about the long term effects...
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Anne MacAulay

Where in the Social Work World are You? (South Africa)

Every ten years, the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) conducts a world census of social work education programs offering at least one degree program in social work....
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John Victor Rautenbach

Working with Rainbow Families – best practices in working with sexual-minorities who are parents

In recent years the accepted conceptual framework of what is a ‘family’ has come under greater scrutiny as social values and legal rights change. Power within political and social structures...
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Marty Forth

How Trusted Influencers Improve Health Outcomes for Underserved African Americans

Disease management within underserved African American communities is impeded by lack of trust owed to historic inequities. A partnership model, that engages trusted influencers, can improve health outcomes within the...
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Patricia Green

Innovative Approaches to Advocating for the Social Service Workforce to Achieve the SDGs

To gain a greater appreciation, recognition and funding for adequate planning, development and support to the social service workforce to be able to most effectively carry out its vital work...
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Nicole Brown

The Movement For Black Lives Must Include Reparations

Somewhere along the way in American history, society has been conditioned to conceptualize the idea of “Reparations” as “radical.” Reparations are thought of as coming typically from a government in...
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Kristine Hendrix
Tanya Bonner

Researching for Advocacy

As practitioners, we have important things to say from our experience working with vulnerable groups but this can be made so much stronger through doing basic research, listening to our...
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Glenn Miles

Cultural Humility and Safety Organized Practice

Safety Organized Practice includes child welfare social work approaches and tools that build a strong working relationship; engage youth and families in collaborative assessment, critical thinking, and decision-making, with the...
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Adreanna Riley

From Micro to Macro. Leveraging Research, Data, and Social Work Principles for Impact at Scale

A discussion of how to leverage research, data, and social work principles to address complex social and political issues at the global scale. Topics covered include making the transition from...
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Jerrel Peterson

Sexual Trauma and its effect on African American Girls/Women Health Behaviors

Over the past few years, considerable efforts have focused on bringing awareness to various forms of sexual trauma, While we continue to bring awareness to sexual trauma, it is important...
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Felicia Bowman

Vicarious Trauma of Caring Professions in the Work Environment

To be a care professional, it offers several rewards, but it also takes place in a quite stressful work environment. A daily interaction with people who have experienced traumatic situations,...
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Maria Douka

In-Utero Trauma: Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol & Drugs

Many children coming into care were prenatally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol, and with the current opioid epidemic, the numbers are increasing. We will explore risk factors, look at the...
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Barb Clark

Transforming the Trajectory of Trauma through the Restoration of Personal Identity and Resilience of African – American Girls

“Contrary to the popular adage, time does not heal all wounds. Unhealed trauma is passed from generation to generation in families, communities, and nations. It is acted in through depression,...
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Melody Pannell

Virtual Crisis Intervention with Children and Youth

Children and youth are increasingly experiencing mental health issues, but their access to services can be limited. Telephone helplines are primarily used by adults, while youth struggle to reach out....
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Dustin MacDonald

PTSD from Domestic Violence

This session will not only cover the impact of domestic violence on the victim it will explore the impacts on the whole family, and the relation between domestic violence and PTSD for...
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Maher Sonbol

The Basics of Sex Offender Treatment

The therapeutic treatment of sex offenders has advanced rapidly as clinicians adopt a strength based approach and research studies provide more insight into the etiology of sexual deviance. As a...
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Jan Tate

Suicide: Meeting the Unique Needs of Families in the Aftermath

This presentation will focus on the role that the social worker can play in supporting families after a suicide has occurred. Risk factors and prevention will be reviewed, but the...
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Jenna Teso

Clinical Considerations for Non-Consensual Image Sharing

This session will address the growing concern of non-consensual image sharing (NCIS), also known as non-consensual pornography, and the mental health implications for victims of NCIS. The phenomenon occurs when...
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Jessica Klein

Creating Trauma Informed Global Environments

Trauma-Informed Interview Coaching is a novel and experimental approach to assist students to find success in the field placement process. Research demonstrates a significant increase in criminal behavior and arrest...
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Melissa Singh
Susan Hess

Tech and Movement Building – How to Hold Space in the Digital Age

This presentation about leveraging technology to create spaces for care, listening and counseling outside of the four walls of our offices, clinics, and hospitals. In the age of #metoo hashtags...
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Avani Parekh

Creating Safe Sounding Boards

Learn the importance of creating safe sounding boards among colleagues, organizational leaders and community partners. There is value in connecting with each other to debrief, brainstorm, connect and foster a...
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Elizabeth Bishop

Method Acompañarte “Love to Heal”

Rediscovering our Essence as Therapists with the Acompañarte Methodology The Acompañarte Methodology is a therapeutic method, created based on therapeutic experiences with different children and adults in different countries under...
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Malena Hughet

Healing the Healer: Designing Creative Self-Care Plans for Work-Life Balance

This experiential session uses Intentional Creativity©–which includes art, journaling and mindfulness practices—to give social work professionals personalized self-care tools to rejuvenate and heal secondary traumatic stress (STS) so they can...
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Rachel Bavis

Trauma-Informed Compassion Fatigue Resilience

Helping professionals spend their days helping vulnerable people. They do this in a system without enough resources to provide the care that is needed and they do it with compassion....
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Charlene Richard

Balance Is Bulls&^%, but You Can Get Mentally Fit

Is it ever even possible to find ideal work-life balance, or has balance become a dirty word? Balance may be bull$*^+, but if you’re interested in performance optimization, mental fitness...
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Liz Carlile
Kate Hendricks Thomas

Helping the Helper: Self-Care in Today’s World

When was the last time you did something to refresh and restore yourself? Did you know that those int he helping profession are at a higher risk of experiencing burnout,...
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Fabiola Paul

Why Helping Professionals Need to Talk About Money

In this thought-provoking session, we will go into the details about why helping professionals need to be open and honest in their communications about money. As one of the worst-paying...
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Kimberly Rand

Helping the Helpers Online: Self-Care Techniques for Online Courses, Webinars, and Virtual Meetings

In order to improve outcomes for the children and families that social work students and staff serve, online educators, trainers, and facilitators can encourage students, training participants, and staff to...
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Beth Counselman Carpenter
Matthea Marquart


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